Australia and rebellion

When Garfield was first built, it was placed in the middle of nothing……farm land. If you skipped school, you must have been into cow tipping. Things changed one year before I started. The city council decided that it would be a perfect place for a 2.9 outlet mall complete with a movie theater and restaurants. Oh yeah, our high school decided around this time that we needed an activity bus that would allow us to spend time on extracurricular activities there. (at the school) My mom pointed out the fact that next to every school is a 7-11 or gas station to rob students of their lunch money.
My grades took a nosedive this year. Normally I make a couple of “A”‘s and the rest “B”‘s. I made “C”‘s and “D”‘s. My phone rang off the hook with guys who thought I was beautiful and I filled up a journal with phones of both genders for parties and plans to skip school to go to the mall. Mind you, my parents groaned everytime that phone rang and flat out refused to answer it when it rang. Dad got so mad that he started complaining that maybe I should get my own phone line just so that we could stay in contact w/ Kris, my sister. “His favorite line went something like this, “What the Hell could you possibly have to say to the same people that you spend your lunch with and pass notes with? Are you guys reading each other the phone book?”
Now, my first serious official boyfriend was Keith, an Irish exchange student. He had already graduated school in his country and thought it would be fun to come over here. He was shocked by the American girls. He had them following him around saying, “Please F*ck Me” and he would get embarrassed. I met him by accident. My girlfriend, Cassandra, was talking to him and he cried out ” Hello, Miss? Can I have your number? You are awfully shy aren’t you?” I realized that this gorgeous man was talking to me and exchanged numbers with him. We started going out almost immediately. The other girls couldn’t understand why. “Is it true that you are 14 AND A VIRGIN?” I got puzzled but said yes. “We thought so, you ACT LIKE ONE? Okay, so maybe I did but I think I act the same way now…I don’t think virgins and nonvirgins act differently.
Anyways, we went out for a couple of weeks and then he told me that he couldn’t go out with anyone longer than a month b/c he was a foreign exchange student and he was determined to not get attached to anyone. He stayed as my friend though. What I did start to notice was a couple of guys prided themselves on score cards. They (I knew two of them) would be really sweet…telling you jokes, hugging up on you… etc until they realized you weren’t ready to give up your virginity. Well, then it was a different story. They would call you a “B****” and tell you to stop staring at them even when the teacher assigned their seat in front of yours and the blackboard was in front of them. Of course, they would look backwards “to check out the room” and I guess I was supposed to leap under my desk each time that happened. I started smoking more to relieve the stress….I was afraid of pregnancy and I didn’t love this guy so why was he hung up on treating me like this? Turns out, his ex-girlfriends took different sides. Two of them stood by me and made sure that he didn’t send any females my way to threaten me or beat me up over this childish whim of his. I think the two girls who hated me were more jealous than anything of my relationship with Keith. They used to talk dirty with Keith and he got embarassed by that behavior so he ran from them and dated me.

I got called a SLUT from a couple of girls. I would hug Keith in the morning, pass notes with Jose in 2nd period, play with Brian’s hair in 3rd period, and sit with Chris (a major KISS fan like myself) at lunch alongside his other cute male buddies. According to “High School Rules”, once you liked a boy, you only talked to him and if you two broke up, you would wait a while until speak with another guy. Who made up these crappy rules? They belong in the Middle Ages. Its not like I was sleeping around…Just joking around with a couple of good looking guys who liked my company. We moved from there after the George Bush recession and sold the house. We went back to South Carolina. I was a bit sad but I was happy that we were going back to the house I grew up in.

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