I can see how college kids get the reputation of goofing off.
You spend your life in school from 8-3 and then you go to college. A full time student can do it from 8-12 MWF and 8-12:30 TR. I couldn’t believe it. The classes aren’t hard either unless you are taking science classes. I went for the Associates in Arts with future plans to go to Pre-Law. I didn’t even attend classes most of the time and passes except for Probability and Statistics. I skipped that classes thinking I could figure out how to pass before the exam and then realized this wasn’t ordinary math and failed. The good thing is….I took the regular math courses so College of Charleston can accept those classes instead.

I made a lot of friends…of course they were no longer my age and I felt wonderful. No more people telling me what religion to have, what to wear, or making jealous comments that I was sleeping around with everyone.
I did have too much fun in college. I got a job taking surveys near Belks at Northwoods Mall. I did good at the job but I also got so many dinner proposes that I got lazy. Now, I know this is wrong to do but I decided that if men thought I looked like Winona Ryder and kept telling me that I looked like her then I should be able to make them work for my attention. I got invited to parties and I got to drive a yacht. G*** gave me a diamond/oynx ring just for being depressed one day (not really big diamonds –specks– just a $300 ring) G*** and I had so much fun driving the yacht one time that I turned around and we started making out right there –not paying attention to what was in front of us and almost ran head-on into another yacht. Can they take points from my driver’s license if I wreck a yacht? I swear to God that I didn’t have to do anything for the ring or yacht drives/porsche drives. In fact, G*** had several million and spent a lot of money buying everyone a round of drinks when he went into nightclubs. I started advising that if he spent money like water, he wasn’t going to have any. (He got a big inheritance and quit his $40K a year job) He started sarcastically calling me “Mom” unless he saw me talking to another guy and then he was right by my side telling me to show my ring to the guy and then G*** would tell the guy that he bought it for me. I finally got sick of this and gave the ring to this guy who changed & replaced my tire for free when my parents were out of town. Now, his eyes lit up like a Christmas tree because he had always admired the ring.
I went night clubbing too. I dated a couple of male strippers who spent their money on me. I also ran into some trouble w/ female bouncers and bartenders. Most club owners knew I was under 21 and I gave them my word that I wouldn’t drink alcohol. One club, Renegade’s had a slut for a bartender. She was always snorting coke up her nose and got offended because I wouldn’t. Not to be uppity or religious but I have sinus problems that are so bad that I have to avoid going outside during spring and summer. I don’t even go to the beach because of my sinuses. I am not saying that I am pro-drug or anti-drug but you can only use coke in two ways. 1. Snort it through your nose 2. Inject it through your veins. Now anyone who sees who little my arms are knows that I don’t want needles near me. I cuss out the nurses when they draw blood out of me. Do you think I am going to start a highly expensive activity and would involve my nose or my veins? Hell No!!!! Anyways, I got the reputation of a “nark” for a little while until the “better bikers” started coming out to the clubs. They only come out in the summer and dry nights and most of them don’t push people to drink or use drugs. In fact, I met some bikers that were recovering alcoholics and they liked the fact that I didn’t drink because they were able to stay on the wagon when I hung around them so they helped me get into the bars on Friday nights. I also quit smoking altogether so that I could attract better men. I am not saying that smokers are bad people but if you are a nonsmoker, you can participate in both worlds since smoke stinks your clothes and breath up.

I have learned to stand for what I believe in more with this crowd. Sometimes the men would lightly hit on you just to see if you are going to fight back. If you fight back or prepare to by looking at them a certain way, they treat you nicer than if you let them touch you and silently suffer. One minor note though: I think I drove the bikers crazy asking them for their real names. Bikers don’t like that and if you run across a Biker Club member (aka Hell’s Angels, Trinity, etc) it is a very good idea not to point to the colorful patches like a little kid and call out “What’s that? How did you earn that?” I think they were very tolerate of me because I was a female. I am just glad my lights were never punched out.



I attempted this occupation and found it harder than people think.
I went to Roper School of Practical Nursing and failed due to the fact that I can’t hear blood pressure too well. I also barely passed anatomy with an 80. It is very hard to process all the medical terms in as short of a period of time as you are required to do in medical classes. Many things were unfamiliar to me compared to my classmates who had medical conditions or were much older than me and were already familiar to the prescription drugs I was trying to study.

The teachers were nice though but very strict. I don’t think it helped that I was trying to finish my Associates in Arts degree at night while going to their (Roper) school during the day.

One thing that did bother me was some weirdo who hung around Trident Tech offering to tutor medical students. He constantly tried to get me and other girls going to class to get into adult films. He was arrested a couple of times but thanks to South Carolina and their pathetic judicial system, he always got off and anyone else who caused trouble for him was harassed. The school security officer made the comment that girls on the internet make 500/hr. He said that they might pay him that much to keep his clothes on.
Since I didn’t want my house to get set on fire or my family to be endangered, I mainly talked about him to friends and Mrs. H. She tried to get me to report the incidents but since South Carolina is so far behind on the times and I had already gone to the police once and had them cut me down, I wasn’t about to go there.

I guess I am mainly writing this because I was a short tempered bitch due to personal stress while going through nursing and I think I may have taken it out on Daneta and Michelle. I can’t remember much about that year.


Some positive incidents and outlooks

I do keep a journal now b/c I saw the nursing teachers do this. I write down things that happen at work. I may not have witnesses to the things that I have seen (illegal) going on at workplaces but I can be a witness later on in life for someone else should someone need me to be.

For example……
I have had bosses who massage your shoulders or play with your hair while standing behind you but when you politely ask them to stop –they do and a week later they will “not be able to find a file” / “blame it on you” and let you go. I can’t use this incident by itself to stay w/ the company or file a lawsuit but if the company ever gets charged by another female employee, I will have my diary thanks to this nursing school.

My mother also had cancer….years ago in nursing…I was too timid to boss around an elderly woman who didn’t want to take her medication or let me help her bathe. She was the one in control. After watching how bossy some of the other nurses like Marge? are, I have become bossier helping my mother out even when I don’t want to make her upset with me and she now listens to what I say (I do want her to be the parent when she gets better though) I feel like she is a child right now but I will continue until she is better



My Quest to be a Paralegal
I have worked for several employers as a file clerk or secretary.
I did my internship with my instructor, Mr. B. Now I loved this guy. He was a class clown who made learning law fun. He was also the one who gave out the hardest exams. I think he wanted to quit law. He did criminal defense. Most of his clients were guilty of their crimes and wanted him to plea bargain. They did murders, gang rape, child molestation and other violent crimes that made my stomach turn. Now when I think of criminal law, I think of the movie “A Time to Kill” starring Samuel Jackson, Sandra Bullock, and Matthew McConaughey. I could see that this man was stressed out. He saw my webpages though. He told me that I was too talented with a computer to be a paralegal making $15,000. He said that I could make more money with web design and since I was very hyper, I might want to look into that because I was quite vocal in my opinions of castrating these rapists and child molesters. Four years later, I have started doing this. I should have listened to him on that day.

Earliest Memories
Moving to Virginia
Elementary School
Middle School
1st High School
2nd High School
Tech College

I worked for a real estate law firm where — the male lawyers kept sneaking me cookies and the female workers kept cutting their eyes at me. (I worked there for one month) I had just gotten out of TTC paralegal program and registered at every temp agency in town. I was informed that the lawyer I was assigned to work underneath was hiring his son to train in the legal field. I don’t know if this is true or was it because I wasn’t experienced enough on HUD contracts (since real estate is the hardest field of law to work for). I never took the additional real estate classes offered at Trident b/c I wanted to get into criminal law. This was my first clerical job though so no hard feelings.

I worked for another lawyer who had a bad rep w/ his clients. His office was broken into the day before I started and cola was poured on the phone system and computer. I had one phone w/ no intercom so I had to put the phone down and run to each person’s office to ask them if they were in or not. The real estate paralegal went on a 2 1/2 vacation in which she forgot to tell her clients and they dropped her as their lawyer but they screamed at me. The other 2 paralegals were very close. The male paralegal was dating the other paralegal’s mom and they kept asking the lawyer if they could hire her within earshot of my first day there. The lawyer decided to hire her (the girlfriend) as well as me and after 2 weeks, she started working on my computer and told me that she doesn’t answer phones. I turned some paperwork to the lawyer and he yelled at me for grammatical errors that I don’t believe I made since I rarely got to use the computer (the girlfriend said that answering the phones wasn’t part of her job). I have decided since then, all office jobs — I keep a copy of my work on disk in my purse. If it happens again, I will file a complaint w/ company and have that disk as proof. I did find out that after I left, something happened at the office (the couple split up) and there several ads in the paper looking for paralegals –even offering it to high school students. Kinda desperate, huh? Bad timing for me though but I won’t go back there.



My very first job was being a telemarketer (college). This is where you get paid well above minimum wage to crank call people’s houses in hopes of getting their credit card number. I know it sounds sleazy but when you look young enough to be 13 years old and have no previous working experience, not many employers will hire you so you take what you can get when there are bills to pay.

This job was fun otherwise. What other job can you eat/joke around and have no one looking over your shoulder while making several dollars over minimum wage. I made 6/hr back when 4.25 was min and have been offered 10-12.

I am trying to get into other fields of office work though.

Dry Cleaning

This is a pretty decent job. I did counterwork for a local drycleaning store. It was very hot in there but I got to meet a lot of nice people who brought me and the other girls ice cream. I also got to know Rick Rush (radio guy) wife b/c she worked there. Carol was a sweetheart who was very patient with me and also knew how to handle the customers very well. I was sad to see her go when she got offered a very nice job by one of our customers.

I got free cleanings and a place to study when it got slow.

You had to be careful of the bathroom door though. It locked automatically and sometimes wouldn’t let you out. I got stuck in there for hours and a police officer found out that we were still open (after closing) and busted the door down. I decided to quit around then.

Clothing Salesperson

Just the kind of job a girl needs!!!!………Right? I work at my favorite place in the world and get first pick at the newest merchandise. Sounds like the most perfect job in the world plus I get a major discount on all purchases. WRONG.

I worked in the mall around Christmas and spent all my paychecks there.
Shopping Law #1—the more you browse, the more you spend.
Shopping Law #2—the more you spend, the less aware you are of what you recently bought
I bought two identical red blouses and two black pairs of pants plus two black belts.

I am glad I always buy classics for this reason. You will also spend money on fast food every day so all those hours at the gym won’t help you at all.Overall, it was a good experience for the most part.


This was an interesting job. I got paid to stand around on the golf course and flirt w/ guys. I would have done this forever if my mother did lecture me on having a real job. I would say hello to drunk golfers and they would give me extra tips just for putting up with them. I would walk away with LOTS of nontaxable money.

Too bad I couldn’t put that job down on a resume so when the summer was over, it was back to looking for jobs that supplied training and references. I did look for similiar jobs while my mom had cancer. They are always listed under “attractive person wanted”. Too bad many of the adult jobs are listed that way too. I can’t take an adult job. I am interested in going into politics one day and we all see what happened to Alisha Klass. (porn star who Bruce Willis broke up with b/c she was an embarrassment). I do have to say that the money is very tempting but I am afraid that I would attract more psychos that I (and other slender young girls) already have.


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