School with my mom as the teacher

Moving to Virginia was very hard for me. I had helped Mom grow a large strawberry patch and we sold my swing set. I brought my favorite doll, Honey, and we packed up our things and rode in a 4 door Navy Datsun diesel. The fumes from that car made my stomach sick and I constantly asked Dad to pull over threatening to throw up. Mom felt sorry for me at times and told Dad that she would take turns sitting in the back so I could have some fresh air. We stayed in an Econo Lodge next to a Wendys for about a month. I remember my parents having to put Benji into the hotel bathroom and she would scratch the bottom of the door at night begging to be let out. Sometimes, when she complained loud enough, she got to sleep in our room.  I would wait until the sound of the train put Dad to sleep before sneaking out of bed and play w/ her. Mom never told on me. She figured that as long as Dad slept soundly, she and I could sleep in the daytime. This is about the time Mom started to watch the Young and the Restless. It came on just after the Price is Right back then. We ate at Wendy’s every day. I wasn’t used to fast food back then so I was picky but I have noticed that both of my parents cringe when the go by a Wendy’s even 20 years later. Dad finally did find a house for us to rent for awhile. We lived there for a couple of months and shared it w/ another family.

Mom started volunteering time in the school office and become friends with the principal.  She also held down a job as the lunch lady where she gave free lunches to the kids that forgot their money.  Since the school principal liked her, she got away with that or things are very different in school today because nobody thought of withhold food from a kid back then.  She would also grab any unopened milk that the kids threw away and give to the boys like Donnie K*nn*dy.  A lot of kids were always asking for hugs from her.

Now I loved my mom, but she put on the Jan Brady act at school and several kids hated me for not thinking of her as perfect. If I disagreed with anything Mom said in school, the kids would be on her side even if it was a discussion as to me wanting to have a haircut with bangs.  My hair was all the way to my waist and she kept my sisters hair that way when she was young too so I couldn’t wait to become an adult to chop it off.

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