High school and sexual assault

9th grade
I woke up in my old home and looked around at my room. I was supposed to be happy…..Unfortunately I did nothing but cry. I remembered this house like it was yesterday when I was 5 years old and couldn’t get over the fact that I was now sleeping in my brother’s room. My clothes and stuffed toys were all in cardboard boxes that Mom would help me go through later and I was to register for school now. How interesting that the high school was across the street. I would be walking to school again just as I had done in elementary school. I arrived at the school and noticed right away that it was smaller. I went into the guidance office and the counselor right away made a snide comment that I was from out of state and that she hated dealing with this sort of thing. In Virginia, an “A” was 100 -94, “B” was 93-86, a “C” was 85-77 and a “D” was 76 to a 65. Anything below 65 was an “F”. In South Carolina, they use numbers instead of letters and this grading scale. 100-90 was an “A” , 98-80 a “B”, 79-70 was a “C” and they had no “D” just “F”. She took one look at my report card and gave me an “85” on the two classes I had “B”‘s in, 75 for my “C”‘s and 70 for my two “D”‘s. I thought it would be best that she contact my old school and get the exact numbers but she said that this would do so I let it go. I figured that it was stressful being at a new school and the last thing I need was to have the reputation of a rebellious smart ass on my first day.

So, I go back home and prepare for my first day at school. I get dropped off in the front for my first day and I enter in. The kids inside quieted down and several of them start point and staring and laughing. I walk over to the redheaded male and ask him why he is laughing and pointing at me. He gets flushed and tells me that he noticed that I am the “new girl” and that I must come from another school. How original…….. I am the new girl and this is my first time attending school. I bite my tongue and smile and walk away. The bell rings and I pull out my map and try to figure out where I was on that map and where my first class was. Thankfully, new kids are given the opportunity to be late to each class several times their first week. My first friend was Leland, a chubby boy who had gorgeous long brown hair. He and I sat together in Mr. Faust’s homeroom. Mr. Faust, who later became my science teacher was also joking around and we would watch him eat a can of sardines for breakfast. I also started talking to a J***** K**** who was very handsome. He and Glenn would talk to me normally for a week and then they noticed that I had a notebook with heavy metal stickers and I also kept a magazine of Hit Parade. They would joke around asking me “Have you heard of the new band, Splattered Brains?” and do it with such a straight face that I would ask when the album came out and he and Glenn would go off in giggles. Then J***** would joke around about “last night” with Glenn. Now I try to eavesdrop too much but I thought this guy was cute and he was friendly and not very macho acting so I took what I overheard seriously. Now if this guy was gay, I had to find out fast so that I didn’t get emotionally attached but at the same time I had to do this discreetly because if he was gay, he wouldn’t want to imagine me sitting next to him with a crush on him. Besides that, I have my own horrible incident at middle school and if he was gay and a very nice guy, I was going to extend my friendship b/c I knew what it was to get into fights every year. (I got into many religious arguments when I decided not to be a Christian and became a social outcast.) I decided to ask the one girl I knew who also knew him….some blond redneck (BIG MISTAKE :: REDNECK === HOMOPHOBE). I asked her and then asked her to keep this secret and she told me she knew how to find out. Next thing I knew, He was mad at me…I didn’t know if he was mad b/c it grossed him out that a girl liked him or because he didn’t like gays. Well, He was PISSED OFF at me so I just avoided him for the time being. Besides, I had my own problems to deal with.
My own problems started out like this…..

I started to walk to school everyday. Now, given the choice between the bus and walking to school, I enjoy the walk except when it rained. On my first week of school, I noticed this other girl who had to walk to and waited for her to catch up with me so I could have companionship on the way to school. Her name was M***** and it turns out she was in the same grade as I was. She also had a crush on the 25 yr old man who sneaked onto school property when no one was looking. I told her to be careful and just smile and be friendly to him but nothing more (after what happened to me —bottom of this page) Well, in a couple weeks, she calls me up and tells me that he asked her on a date. Then after the date, he persuaded her into bed. She thought that she was going to marry this guy one day and he kept telling her that he loved her and he was crazy for her. I saw him as a 350lb blimp standing outside in his pajamas. Well, another couple weeks go by and this girl calls me up and says that she is pregnant with his baby and that he is threatening to kill her. Now I don’t know his real name and she only knows him by his nickname which is kinda sad but I tell her to notify the authorities because we were both underage and he was way too old. She cried her eyes out and threatened to kill herself….now I know I am supposed to feel sorry for her but geez I wish I never walked to school now. I didn’t need someone like this in my life even though I felt sorry for her. She had a friend named R****, who went back and forth between the two and bummed cigarettes off of both of them. I often ran into her at lunch and she had no decency about asking me everyday for lunch money. I hated her….I told her no everyday and she would start saying “please”, “please”, “please”, with her chin on my shoulder like a whining dog. How annoying can a moocher get anyways? Well, things didn’t work out for these love birds and I was walking home one day by myself. He spotted me and ran over to me yelling me name….its nice being the new kid…I barely knew anyone’s name and they all knew mine. Now….he come over to me grinning like he is the captain of the football team. “Ya sure are cute” I said thanks and proceeded to walk away faster and he grabs me by my arm. “I would sure like to get to know ya better” I said “No, thanks and I pulled my arm away. He blocks my path and grins at me and then grabs my pants, “How about a little kiss” I start swinging and he grabs both of my wrist and sticks his tongue into my mouth. I almost threw up all over him that second. I became terrified of him. He weighed 350lbs and I weighed 90lbs. I asked him if he could let me go and that if he did I would talk to him again but that I wanted to get home before it started pouring because I hated the rain. He looked up and noticed that it was raining. and started making comments of how much he loved the rain. I broke my wrists free and ran off. I called D** D** up immediately and she told me to go to the principal and the police. I started crying, now that I felt safe. I decided to go the principals office the next day. The funny thing is—my teacher was told that I had to go to the bathroom and I just was so numb that I walked straight to the principal’s door and I asked him if I could talk to him. I told him what happened and Mr. McCracklin screamed, J**** ****!!! It turns out that this guy was constantly giving Mr. M trouble and he then gave me a pepsi and showed me some self defense moves. Looking back now, I probably should have gone to that man each time I had a problem instead of my assigned principals that changed each year. You got free sodas and a hasty response where the other ones always said, “I’ll get back to you”. Mr. M waited until ***** came onto the school property again and promptly arrested him Back home, my parents were wondering why I was late and my brother J. went to the school and ran into *****. He had to be held back by the police while ***** laughed at everyone. ***** had a knife on himself and was brought to the police station. This is what pissed me off the most….the police sat my parents down and told them that since I was over the age of 13, there was nothing I could say or do to prove this man assaulted me since females over the age are sexually promisciuos and often ask for rape. I may have done something to ask for this. It didn’t matter that this man had a previous record, that he threatened the principal, that he had a knife or that he was hanging around (at his age) with 13/14 yr old females. I am now 26, I am his age and I can’t see what that officer was talking about. I wish to God we alerted the media and went forward with what that officer said. Now you may think I am over-reacting but I received death threats and crank calls in which I was told they were going to burn our house down for a couple weeks. ***** even played chicken with my mom in the neighbor and she had to swerve with a baby in the car to avoid hitting him

Back to the “gay guy”, I really didn’t getting to talk everything out with him. I think that girl knew I had a small crush on him. He called me a name –can’t remember and I dumped my drink onto him. Neither one of us was punished thankfully but he did get expelled the next year and I hope it wasn’t because of those rumours. The good thing about today’s society is that you can enter college with a GED and go on with your life to be a success even if you goof up too much while you are young so I hope he got that chance.

10th grade
Tenth grade was nicer. It was better because Stacey and I became good friends and I had a crush on Justin (he and my friend Joey committed suicide) I knew quite a few people and met some people over the summer so the phone was ringing off the hook was more and my parents were complaining ONCE MORE. We also got two puppies this year and I did find out that one of the guys I had a crush on in summer school was gay All my friends thought it was funny that this guy could tolerate me talking for hours about Freddie Mercury (I love Queen) and a couple of rock stars that I thought was hot. I just assumed that the guy liked me too and that he was tolerating me b/c he was waiting for the perfect moment to ask me out. I waited for that moment too. I fixed my hair, showered in perfume and had all these plans for us once he got the nerve to ask me out. I finally confided to Chuck that I was waiting for him to ask me out. Chuck laughed and told me he was “gay” Now ……I had gone through an embarrasing incident similiar to this in 9th grade at this school and dump my soda on the guy. I wasn’t about to make that mistake ever again. I called Chuck a liar and told him that it was cruel and vindictive to say such things. Chuck asked me to ask Mike myself and I did. Mike looked at me like I was a space alien. “You mean you didn’t know….everyone knew” He looked serious….”But..but, you’re the perfect guy….you listen to every word I say and you are so sensitive, you can’t be gay!!!!” I was sooooo upset. I had envisioned a perfect relationship only to have reality ruin it.
Of course, this one guy who did like me—I wish I never met D****- found out I liked him and threatened to kick the living shit out of him. He kept saying such crap and being the size he was….well I just kept telling him that I hated Mike so he wouldn’t tear into him. Now D****** was a really smart guy who got good grades and was always offering to tutor me. I think he had a good heart but someone taught him at an early age that if you beat up every guy “your future girlfriend” wants to date……she will end up marrying up from lack of suitors. If you think that is weird, analyze this how often were you under the impression you had to be thin, big busted or blond to have a wonderful boyfriend and life. Well, D****** still occassionally tries to contact me and I have to ignore him, I think he is a nice guy but he has a caveman approach to women that is never going to change. I can’t be around negative people like that….I have trouble trying to eliminate negative people from my life period….I am just so glad that the REALLY POSITIVE ONES balance out the negative ones so that my life is good.

All went well for the year and both Justin and Joey talked to me everyday. They were both handsome and sweet. Justin was always depressed and moody — he had moved here recently. Joey walked me to every class even when that meant he would have to be late. He reminded me of the boy in Terminator 2. I didn’t find out about Joey’s death until the funeral and missed it. I didn’t find out about Justin’s death until much later. My grades were up again…. “B”‘s and a “C” in Algebra 2. It didn’t matter though. I was happy. I got to get to know our class president Olaf this year as well. He was a good-looking Cuban who sincerely cared about the student body. A couple of kids badmouthed him calling him ” a fag” and ” a cuban” but it didn’t wear him down at all and he was elected by a landslide. I met some really good people through him, I wish I had hung out with him more because it would have helped me develop better studying skills.

11th grade
I decided to join the drama class and club this year. Not that I wanted to be an actress but I figured that most of the people who were asking me for Winona Ryder’s autograph every year were people who were pissed off at me for making an “A” on the final exam (20% of final grade and I often stopped everyone w/ that teacher from giving a curve) Of course, I wish the teacher’s would stop telling other students who made the highest grade. You have to realize that those people are glared and talked about by the students that fail the course (on their own stupidity) and blame us. (I am just so glad I didn’t have a car during high school)
Anyways, I went ahead and joined. A couple of days later, I had someone sit down besides me in the library, “Ya know, just because you are taking acting classes doesn’t mean you are going to be an actress. We all know that you are dyeing your hair black to look like Winona Ryder.”

“No, I am taking acting classes because it is an easy “A”. How hard is it to talk through the entire class and play duck–duck–goose “(I know some people who can back this up.)

“Ohhhhh, Okay….well we still know for a fact that you dye your hair black because your skin is too pale to have black hair.” (Stop inbreeding, ban country music)
I told the moron that my mother was scottish/english and that my father was filipino…so I was scottish/filipino.
Her answer, “No such thang” Rednecks are fucking retards (except for John Cougar Mellencamp, Bruce Willis, Ted Nugent)
I have to say that my 11th year was a blast though…I had a killer birthday party and our street ran out of places to park. Our neighbors complained so we had to quiet it down. I also got attention from all kinds of people.
1. Since I disliked christianity’s hatred, I was talking to atheist and people who could intelligently debate religion. My science teacher, Mr. Faust was laid off for religious beliefs and because he was making up use our brains in *shock* science class. The majority of his assignments were week long projects and he would help you out if you needed it but you had to ask for clues —- not the answer.
2. I got to be in two commercials…one was me impersonalting Cher and another one in which I ran into room with some other girls to be a model. I didn’t see either commercial until I was in college. I don’t know what took them that long.(My mom thought that I would stop being a tomboy if I went to modeling)
3. I also showed everyone my sense of humour by dressing like a cat for Halloween. I am very good at painting my face up like a wildcat. The rednecks became assholes again. I would like to point out that it took the leader of the redneck 7yrs to graduate high school and all three extra years –he was a senior. They started meowing so I turned around and started hissing at them and they stuck their middle finger up at me and starting yelling “Pussyjuice!Pussyjuice! let me taste your Pussyjuice! <from Beetlejuice and Winona Ryder> Don’t worry..when I leave South Carolina (mom has cancer) I have a going away present for them. (I normally don’t keep grudges but since this cat incident, I have heard this “Pussyjuice” a couple of times and the cops aren’t getting involved now.. I have my own plans.

I had one guy meow at me every single day until January when I wrapped my hands around his neck and ripped into him. He picked me up and tried to bodyslam me into the blackboard but he tripped and the projector fell onto us but mainly him. We both got suspended…big deal….he was warned to shut up or he will get suspended once more. He got teased a lot. His own friends disrespected him because he couldn’t beat me up. (my nephew recently heard this story and told me to apply for the WWF)

In fact, the closest I came to getting beating up in life was from a girl named H********. I tried to kick her in the balls, (the first place you always hit if a fair fight) she felt nothing. I stared at her and threw a punch and then I realize that I have never punched before and she grabbed my wrist and smacked me three times before we started wrestling on the floor. She had my wrist and I grabbed her by the nape of the neck and they we realized the teachers were coming. I ran into the bathroom and saw no bruises except my nose was sore the next day and she had my fingernail scrathes. Her friend, Michelle threateded to kick my ass and my friend Big Lachae threatened to kick hers. One lesson, I did learn — females fight dirtier. I found out later when I was in Mr. B’s office that she gave him the impression that I hit her while she was wearing her glasses. She really did fight dirty. I would like to point out to her now that I was right about fishnets being stylish so H*******, if you are out there, they are.

12th grade
I got into no trouble this year!!! I got good grades, onto the S.A.T. Wall of Fame and a school letter for acheivement in Drama. I also dumped my boyfriend the night before the prom b/c he wanted marriage and kids straight out of High School. I had a lot of fun going Stag at the prom and more fun afterwards since a lot of guys were at the after prom party. My height stayed at 5’3 and I couldn’t gain weight to save my life nor could I get into that “C” cup I wanted. In fact, I was just on the border at “B”. I did have far too many friends to say good-bye to (I hate to say this but I don’t ever write except Xmas cards. I went through the graduation ceremony and to no avail so 350 pound whale was constantly yelling “Beetlejuice” but if I was as ugly and as fat as her, I would drown myself. Unfortunately, she sat near the microphone when we were being videotaped and her whiny voice drowns out the principal saying my name and my friends clapping. I wish I could just put a bullet into that whale.

Oh yeah, our entire cheerleading squad was arrested in Disneyworld. In fact, the one girl that didn’t steal was kicked off the team. Now, that taught her a lesson didn’t it. Only thieves are allowed into this cheerleading squad. You know, back in 6th grade, I tried out for the cheerleading squad. This black girl, Katrina told me that I was very quiet and that a lot of people though I was a snob b/c I didn’t laugh at everyones jokes or join in on conversations. In fact, she would jokingly hide my books that I read when the teacher wasn’t looking. I tried out for the team but I refused to yell. Unless Jon Bon Jovi was a member of our football team, I really didn’t see what everyone was excited to yell about. All you see is a bunch of guys (none of them I had a crush and they all had short hair) chasing after a little ball and tackling each other. Now I could be interested in playing on the field but then I would get hurt and like I said before, there was no Jon Bon Jovi or any Chippendales on the field so I wouldn’t be interesting in tackling them anyways (well maybe Tony Owens but I didn’t see him until high school in SC).

BTW…did any of you catch the episode of Ally McBeal of Jon Bon Jovi getting his butt sniffed by Calista Flockhart. Now, I know that maybe I am the only person offended by that episode but I reminded me of the “Pussyjuice” incident and that was my first and last time watching Ally McBeal. I am pissed off enough that the Jerry Springer show exists and a few others. How low as a society can we go? AND I AM NOT A CHRISTIAN BIBLETHUMPER. I just feel that more shows should be educational or just entertaining like TNT, Lifetime, and Bravo. Fox is just going lower with these shows. At least Beavis & Butthead are gone. King of the Hill is actually good and better than the Simpsons most of the times.

Oh, and I forgot……500 blacks got suspended for wearing a T-shirt the used the confederate flag with NAACP colors. I told my mom about that and ever since that visit to the police station, she has been itching to prove how racist/sexist South Carolina was. She called the NAACP and god knows who else and had me recite to her right there some of the racist things I saw at high school. Our school placed us in our homerooms for hours until they could form a multicultural committee where we elected the members and for the life of myself — I can’t remember what it was called. The rednecks were threatening the blacks, the blacks were given it back and for the longest time, the school faculty kept siding with the rednecks. The rednecks wore T-shirts about “we should have picked our own cotton” and “we will rise again” and nothing was ever done to them. S**** **** was a member of the KKK and spoke strongly against Native Americans, Blacks, asians, and gays to the point that one girl stuck her head on her desk and hid her face from him. Nothing was ever said to him because that would be violating free speech but if I was to call someone a “bitch or asshole” I could get disciplined but nothing happened when someone said f***** or n***** or d***.

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